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About License Types

Select the number of users you want licensed in your company. The concept is similar to "Number of Seats" used in licensing some software.

Note that it has nothing to do with the number of simultaneous users, which is unrestricted as long as each is licensed.

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If the end users are in multiple locations please send details to:

Within the USA delivery is via Fedex by default, to the address of Ordering Company Details, or by download upon request

Outside the USA delivery is normally by download. Alternatively DHL by contacting :

Select License Type:

1-User License $799.00

2-User License $1069

3-User License $1339

4-User License $1609

5-User License $1879

7-User License $2419

9-User License $2959

10-User License $3229

12-User License $3769

15-User License $4579

20-User License $5929

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