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Optimize Cargo Load Planning - Truck and Container Loading Software
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"Everyone in the world
should know about this program!!"
     - Importer from Florida, USA

"CargoWiz is absolutely great! We love it!!!"
     - United Kingdom

Cargo Load Planning

"Thanks so much! CargoWiz is a true headache-saver for us!

 - Shipping & Logistics Cordinator         

Load Plan Diagrams

Cargo Layout

Trailer Loading Patterns

Official CargoWiz Download - Logistics Optimization Software

This fully functional free download of our truck and container loading software is exactly like the one for purchase, except that it will only run for 20 days. Note we do not make you sign-up.

You can view the End User License Agreement (pdf) here:
CargoWiz End User License Agreement

Download Truck and Container Software

Notes: During installation on some computer the Setup program may appear to stall slightly after the halfway point. Be patient, it may take a few minutes to resume and be done.

Most systems require administrative privileges for software installation. CargoWiz does not require elevated privileges to run, once properly installed.

If the program fails to display or shows errors the most likely cause is insufficient privileges during installation. The most reliable solution requires an Administrator to:
 - Elevate the Standard User temporarily to an Administrator.
 - log the user off, then back on so the elevation is in effect.
 - The elevated user then does the installation.
Later, the user can run the program even after their status is returned to that of a Standard User.

Minimum System Requirements for CargoWiz:

Windows XP or newer, including both 32 and 64 bit versions of Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10
(Our cargo optimizer also works on Mac with "Parallels" software for running Windows)