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Features for Crating and Packaging Companies

Do your competitors already have CargoWiz? Competition may have CargoWiz                
Don't let them knock you out.

How do I enter the sizes of my crate contents?

There is a grid where you can type them in, or even bring them from an Excel sheet

How do I set or pick a pallet/base size?

There is a grid for that too.
You can select from standard pallet sizes, or make one with bigger or smaller dimensions. Don't worry if you go too big. CargoWiz will report the minimum inside crate dimensions that will work.

Can CargoWiz load the pallet/base automatically?

Yes, but we think most craters will prefer the control they get by using the Drag and Drop editor to create a secure pack with minimal crate costs.

It is accessed from the main menu here:

Summary of Benefits:
  - Save layout time
  - Eliminate costly layout errors
  - Minimize crating costs

Can I try before I buy?
Yes, please download the 20-day trial - No hassles, no form to fill out.
Download Truck and Container Software
Then, under "File", Open":

 (A metric sample is there too)

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Why CargoWiz, originally designed for loading sea containers and trucks, can be a valuable tool for you.

Crating companies told us they were buying it to layout the crate contents. So we took their advice and made it even better for
crating and pallet loading purposes.

Have you been laying out 3 dimensional content on 2 dimensional paper?
CargoWiz offers you a 3D visual space where you can manipulate your contents with your mouse!
Your contents appear as square tokens on the "Stage". As you drag a square token from the stage to the loading area, it transforms to 3D, ready to be placed on the deck or on other contents.
You can position the contents as you like for compactness and safe transport.
When you release the mouse button the walking snap-to connector line will place your content item tightly against others, based on the nearest node.

If you right-click on a content item, many options are shown, such as to turn horizontally, turn vertically and  position freely (not just to nodes at corners)
Also, to quickly load a row or stack at once.

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