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Tampa, Florida USA
Importer/Exporter Container Load Planning software for Importers and Exporters

Easy, affordable freight Importer/Exporter Software

"Having looked at so many difficult and expensive programs we are very happy to have found such an easy load planner."
  -  Importer, California, USA

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Competition may have CargoWizImporter and exporters constitute one of our largest customer classifications.

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Importer/Exporter Software for loading Trucks and Containers

Some top reasons why CargoWiz software is especially appealing to importers and exporters:

1. Easy. It is so easy that your time to learn and use it is a matter of minutes, not hours or days.

2. Quick importation of data. If you receive cargo requirements in any form that you can copy and paste you can quickly import it to CargoWiz using our Easy Import Excel template and have a cargo load plan layout in minutes.

3. Certainty. If CargoWiz says the cargo will fit then nothing will be left on the dock. Helps avoid partial shipments too.

4. Communications. When asked "Can we add more?" or told "We need to Logistics Software - Loaded containerchange that shipment" you can respond immediately. You can even email pdf files of the load plan layout details to those who need them.