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Optimize Cargo Load Planning - Truck and Container Loading Software

Quick to learn, Easy to use

"Your software is well designed for users. We downloaded several and CargoWiz is the only one we were all able to use."
 - Furniture Manufacturer, USA

Do your competitors already have CargoWiz?
Competition may have CargoWiz
Manufacturers constitute one of our largest customer classifications.

"I imported all of our 2400 products in a few minutes using your Excel template."
 - Manufacturer,
home furnishings

"... CargoWiz has eliminated turmoil on the loading docks."
 - Manufacturer, Injection molded parts

Some things manufacturers tell us they like about our Cargo Loading Optimization Software - For sea containers, trucks, pallets

CargoWiz will minimize your time to create a load plan.

Type (or import from Excel or a database) your product data into the Cargo Data Grid  ONE TIME. Then every time you open CargoWiz it automatically re-loads all your product data.
For each shipment you only need to set the quantity of a product on a particular order or shipment. For products not on the current shipment, just leave the quantity set to zero.
Cargo Grid

Have a lot of products?
Some of our customers have thousands.
They appreciate our "Find" function that quickly locates products by part number or description.
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