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"We found that CargoWiz is an amazing tool for calculating container loading, and we would like to order this fantastic software."

- Logistics provider, Hong Kong

About Us...

A fascination with the way computers can be used by man to perform tasks better than man alone has been the driving force behind the container load planning activities at softtruck.com culminating in the "CargoWiz" brand.

The rapid economic growth in the last three decades is often credited to the coming of age of personal computers. With computers now on most desktops we are  poised for even further gains as usage filters down from high level management and accounting to the "front Line" troops - like those utilizing the magic of truck and container loading software to answer how to load a truck or container.

The integration of digital tools into the "Corporate Nervous System" will be a characteristic of companies that prosper in the coming years.  We revel in our humble role in such wondrous change.