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Optimize Cargo Load Planning - Truck and Container Loading Program

"Our committee investigated several container loading programs and CargoWiz was the unanimous choice."
    - Peter, New York City




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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

(Note - There are additional FAQs topics under "Help" in the CargoWiz program.)

Question: Why is your cargo load planning program priced below others?  Others are often in the $1,200 to $3,500 USD range for a single user.
Answer: That is the number one question we get. The short answer is we are newer, establishing a large user base.  Major price increases are anticipated.

But our prices will  always be reasonable, we don't believe great technology that is overpriced will endure. Our focus is "Easy to Learn, Easy to use".  We really mean it. There are many things we don't offer because, while they are desired by the few, they are just stumbling blocks for most users. Like loading cylinders. Like extremely complex loading rules. (We have the main ones of course.) If you need them maybe our competitors are right for you.

Question: What advantages does your program offer over others?
Answer: Some major points are:

  • Easiest to learn. Not a little easier, a lot easier. People will really use it! Try us first, then try the others, you will be quickly back to us.

  • We save you major steps, each use! Other programs have you: 1. Locate and open a  database, generally of all cargo or products. 2. Select cargo or products from that database to create yet another database for the current shipment. In CargoWiz you generally work with the entire database, just making the quantity non-zero to indicate a cargo item is to be part of this shipment. Simple.

  • CargoWiz automatically saves and re-opens the entire database (with  quantities still set as when you last closed CargoWiz) when you start CargoWiz again. How convenient! Often the customer wants you to make a small change, or the next shipment is just a little different.

  • The CargoWiz grids for cargo and truck details) are "live". Other programs have you enter data elsewhere, then use a "+" button or some such thing to actually add it to the database. Easier for their programmer, harder for you. Others - Two steps, CargoWiz - One step.

  • Easily designate Loading Priorities (For stops, grouping of orders etc.) Easily designate "Taboo On Top" for cargo that should not be placed on certain other cargo. (Others have these features, but ours are done best.)

    • Easiest Data Import - a cut and paste procedure. (Or email your file to us - we will do it for you.)
    • On-The-Fly change between Metric and English units.

    • On-The-Fly change between Spanish, English, German and Chinese. (Chinese may require a change in Windows regional settings.)

    • No nagging sales telephone calls or emails. At Softtruck (makers of CargoWiz) we believe in your privacy 100% and do not even ask for personal or company information before allowing you to download the fully functional trial. Truly good software sells itself.

    • MagicID - When the mouse pointer is paused over a cargo item pertinent data is displayed.

    3D load planning software diagrams cargo layout in truck or container.

    • Staging of cargo permits visual confirmation of cargo to be loaded. And MagicID also works with the stage!

    Container or truck load plan and packing software.


    • Nearly everything is done in one window with tabs - not a confusing jumble of windows or hidden "Task Panes" to find,  open, close, or that may overlap and hide each other.

    • CargoWiz can determine the best mix of standard container sizes based on actual costs, not just space taken.

    • CargoWiz allows back and forth review of previously loaded pallets, trucks and containers in multiple containment shipments. No need to start over.

    • No on-going costs. No maintenance fees. No subscription fess. No support fees. We offer support regardless.

    • Both Metric and English Units

    • Helpful YouTube tutorials. Search on "CargoWiz YouTube"

    • For partially filled pallets, trucks or containers, the command becomes available to "Spread My Cargo"

    • Can work with ERP systems in place of manual data entry

    • Load by Sets or Ratio, like 4 chairs for every table.

    Question: Sometimes my pallets/crates/cartons are tilted or slightly oversize. Also, some space may be needed to move things into place, and for bent truck panels. How is this accommodated?
    Answer: The truck dimensions database grid has columns for dimensions "to use", thus suggesting that you undersize to accommodate dimensional deviations. Alternatively, cargo dimensions could be cushioned.

    Question: Is There a limit to the number of cargo items?
    Answer: No, there is no set limit.  With small quantities (hundreds) loads may be generated in seconds. When quantities get into the thousands it may take several minutes to create a load, perhaps more if there are many different items. 

    Question: I need to make adjustments to the load created by CargoWiz, and sometimes I want to load it all my way. How do I do it?
    Answer: On the menu select Drag Cargo and you will be taken to an advanced editor where you  can use your mouse to move and place cargo

    Question: You are based in the USA. Is that the focus of your busines?
    Answer: Our focus is Worldwide, with customers in well over 100 countries.