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Efficient Container  Load Planning Solutions - Truck and Container Loading Software

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CargoWiz logistics software  arrives fully functional - a few cargo items are already in the database - just "type over" with your values and click "Load"



..."I love the program and use it all the time... a VERY BIG help to our business."
- Lighting Manufacturer, USA







Container Loading Calculation for iPhone and other mobil devices.
Send results generated to loaders, shippers and others. The detailed pdf report can even be viewed on Mobile Devices.



"The simplicity is brilliant. All of our people can use it without any training. We will be ordering many more copies."





" The  user interface is ideal. The best 3-D cargo viewer we've ever seen."











"I use it several times a day to estimate the trailer or container space customers will need. Very valuable."
 - Freight Forwarder










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Or you may use the "Easy Import" feature to bring your data in from Excel, Access or similar programs.














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Container loading Program

Cargo Load Planning





































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Features of CargoWiz Logistics Software

No Hassle trial download and use

We respect your privacy. There are no forms to fill out, we do not collect any information from those who download.
Download Logistics Software
No phone calls, no emails.

language is selectable and changeable from English, Spanish, German, Turkish, French, Italian, Polish or Chinese.

Units may be select as Metric or English.

Quick Tour: On first use a wizard steps through the program pointing out key items

Operational Design Features

Drag and Drop Load Editor
Drag Cargo
Use your mouse to move cargo, or even create the load design entirely on your own. Practical and fun to use.
See it here:
YouTube Drag Cargo video

Auto Start with last Shipment - saves time:
Each time you open CargoWiz it automatically loads the data file of your last shipment. For manufacturers the data file is usually all of the products they make with shipment quantities of each cargo type generally set to zero.
Just reset the quantities for the new shipment as needed and press "Load".

(With competitors - generally you must find and open a database, Then you must extract the items for the current shipment, thus creating and managing a subset of the master database. )

Built-in Truck and Container Sizes: Many popular truck and containers are built-in so you do not have to create them, you just click on the one you want to use. Or you may easily create your own.
Mixed sizes are possible, to minimize shipping costs - perhaps you fill a 40 Ft container and have some cargo left, you may choose a 20 Ft container for the balance.

User Interface Features
Tabs: Tabs are easy to understand and in CargoWiz you essentially deal with just 3 primary tabs.
You always know "where you are" in the program.
(With competitors - User interface can be confusing.)
Tabs makes learning the container loader easy!
Color keyed Column Heads make it simple:
Note the pink and blue column heads. The pink designates required data while the blue is optional.

You don't have to supply much
If you use the Excel Import Template you can enter just length, width, and height and CargoWiz will auto-generate any other required values for you. A great time saver for freight forwarders and others.

Two Load Views -Top and Angled
Load Plan
You can also click to view from the left angle.
(Our Competitors - just one view at any time)

Stage Area: Lets you graphically see loading progress and quickly see what items are left out.
(Our competitors - no stage)

Cargo Labeled:Cargo Load Plan

In the "Advanced Views" Window you can see the cargo labeled with either the part number, short ID or description.

 You can also zoom in and rotate the image.
(Few competitors have labels)

Units Inside column
 Calculates how many widgets in the container, not just how many boxes of widgets.
This is handy if you deal with the total quantities within boxes, not just the number of   boxes. It calculates the totals. Example 100 boxes, 12 widgets per box (the units inside), so CargoWiz totals 1200 for you.

Magic ID - Cargo Under Mouse:
See how the truck or container is loaded.

Details of the Cargo under the mouse pointer are displayed on screen. Even works for cargo on the stage.

(Few competitors have anything similar)

Repeatedly clicking the Draw Steps button permits viewing loading steps, thus revealing cargo hidden in the full view.

Logistics software Cargo to be loaded first. Cargo to be loaded 2nd. Cargo to be loaded 3rd.Cargo to be loaded 4th, and so on.  (rest not shown)

Accepts both Dots and Commas as Decimal Delimiters:

A dimension can be entered, for instance, as "95.50" or "95,50", the latter being the method in many European countries.

Importing Your Data
Option 1.Type it directly into the Cargo Grid
The grid is effectively the database of cargo.
Option 2. Easy Import using our Excel Template. This is the easiest and most popular method when there are many products or cargo types. You copy your data to the clipboard from any source that permits it. Usually it is your own Excel sheet, but could also be a database or even a Word document. Paste it into our Excel template and click "Submit". It checks that your data is acceptable (such as that dimensions do not contain letters) then transfers it to the Cargo Grid where you can save it.
Watch a short How-to-Import Video:
YouTube Drag Cargo video

Option 3. Link to your ERP, WMS or business system.
This requires that you have a programmer familiar with your system write a small amount of code to create a file for you to open with shipment data from your system. We provide all the needed information.

Should you need further assistance or expanded capabilities we can put you in touch with an experienced and highly capable consultant. Contact support@softtruck.com.

Loading Rule Options
(Note: The software is designed so that you can simply ignore these options when not needed.)
Control stacking limits of boxes in container or truck.

Set Stacking Limits - Set how many times like cargo may be stacked.

Load furniture or other cargo in containers by Sets or Ratio.

 load by Sets or Ratio - like 4 chairs for every table

 Loading Rules - Taboo 0n top

  Make some cargo "Taboo on top" of other cargo

Force designated cargo to go on the container or truck floor only.

  Require some cargo be placed bottom only

Set Loading priorities - for stops or to group cargo.Mess Kits and Hiking Boots will be loaded first.

Set Loading Priorities
- as for sequential deliveries or grouping of products

You can control how cargo may be turned.Set Orientations allowed
for each cargo type - such as can be turned horizontally, but cannot be placed on end.


Stop loading when a weight limit is hit. 
 Set total weight limit
 and CargoWiz will stop loading and advise when it is met.

Recording and sharing your load plans
Container optimizationLoad planning
(Click Images to enlarge)

 CargoWiz contains a full set of reports. The most popular is   "Details and Sequences" which has sequential graphics like those shown higher on this page for "Click Draw Step".

You may print to a .pdf file in order to share reports easily via email.

Calculates Axle Weights
 - Graphics make axle loads easy to understand.
 - Center of Gravity calculated.
Center of gravity and axle weights for a loaded truck.

User can drag to shift load if space permits.

(Click image to enlarge)

Spread a partial load plan - improve stability

Spread needed Spread spread done

Learn Your True Total Cost
Determine the fair share of freight cost for each cargo piece.
Based on the cargo item's volume share of the total volume of cargo shipped.
This is an involved calculation when ou have a vaiety of cargo sizes and quantities.
Reported as a percentage share and also provided as actual cost if you provide the freight cost of the shipment. This can be in any currency you use.

Cost of freight

Copy and Paste to Excel, email, and so on.

Load Cargo On To Pallets
Use standard or custom pallets you define
Loaded pallet
2-Stage loading - Into Trucks or Containers
A handy Wizard converts pallets like the above into a file as large rectangular cargo items that reflects the pallet length, width and the loaded height from floor to the actual loaded height. Then you can load the file contents into a truck or container automatically or load the the way you want them using the Drag and Drop feature.

90 Day "No Questions Asked" Return Policy
You may return CargoWiz within 90 days for a full refund.